Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday treat

We were in for a real treat this weekend as Anna had us over for dinner! Not only is she a brilliant cook, she also likes experimenting with wine!! She served a very fresh and fruity Picpoul de Pinet (a Southern French white) with her delicious homemade Bouillabaisse – very yummy and a great food and wine match. With the cheese board Anna treated us to an oaked Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa – from the 03 vintage, this wine was brilliant. A round, soft texture, very refreshing acidity and notes of melon, nectar and a slight nuttiness on the finish – Anna forgot the name of the producer, could you remind us please?

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FUn blog you have. To find more Picpoul wine producers and other wine makers in the Aude, Languedoc- have a look at this cool directory

Happy Hunting

anna said...

The name of the wines we had with the boillabaise and cheese dinner are:

Domaine Des Lauriers bicpoul de Pinet, Coterux du lang vedoc 2006

2003 Sav blanc Reserve
(Don't have more info but I bought it at Borough market and is beatuful!)