Thursday, May 29, 2008

Negligence… probably the word for what I have done to this blog lately… And, surprise, surprise, I got plenty of excuses; wedding is one, which I personally think is a pretty good one. But now that I am a married woman one would think that this negligence might end. Not so I’m afraid as all my precious time goes into studying for my biggest wine exam ever. It’s happening soon, and it’s not that much fun, but come mid June and I will have time to ‘enjoy’ wine again. There is one positive side though, besides the fact that I’ll know even more about wine once this exam is over, I am tasting loads in the coming weeks and working up a good selection of wines for you all to relish in so PLEASE check back with me in a few weeks time and I promise to improve and stop this terrible blog negligence… cheerio for now and don’t forget to enjoy a glass of rosé in the spring sun! (Try an English one as there are loads of good ones out there!)